Black Sands Entertainment brings the most powerful and inclusive content for African-American youth and students across the nation. If you ever met us personally, you know that we are impacting lives everyday with bold stories about history BEFORE slavery and stories of excellence in life that are typically ignored by the mainstream industry that tends to keep it safe on their content.

The founders, Manuel and Geiszel Godoy, are excited to work with you. Below is a video about our achievements and our social impact. If you prefer industry reviews, here is an article from Publisher's Weekly highlighting our success to date.


We are now offering a new affiliate program for education institutions. Currently, schools and libraries have barriers for including quality products for their African-American students. Black Sands has an answer for that with our new program for our webtoon series. We want to give every student in the nation access to this highly educational and inspiring story. We removed all barriers and every child with a smart phone can enjoy our books for free! Best of all, they get our awesome bookmarks as well.

If you want to be apart of this initiative, email us or give us a call. Below is a breakdown of the program.


  • Free online access to web series of Black Sands, updated weekly.
  • Appropriate for ages eight and above.
  • Downloadable app for students to get them reading more.
  • Free bookmarks as an incentive to get your students subscribed.
  • Free district tours if entire district signs up. (Pay for travel only.)
  • Free promotional positive black images for printing at your discretion.


  • Must be a educational entity (schools, libraries, public and private)
  • Executive Representative must officially endorse Black Sands Entertainment.
  • Bookmarks are to be given only to students who show physically that they subscribed.
  • All promotional material is to be printed by the educational entity.
  • District tours must be scheduled around our availability.

Review the price sheet for the discounted rates. All POs should be sent to the email below.

CALL: (205) 693-8046