Black Sands Entertainment Makes Front Page of Birmingham Christian Family

Black Sands Entertainment Makes Front Page of Birmingham Christian Family

Black Sands Entertainment just made it to the front cover of Birmingham Christian Family Magazine! This recognition highlights the company's commitment to putting faith, family, and Black youth first when creating diverse content that empowers and inspires.

Founded by Manuel and Geiszel Godoy, Black Sands Entertainment has been making waves in the entertainment industry by delivering captivating narratives and engaging characters that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds. Their mission is to fill the void of representation and bring untold stories from African history to the forefront, while simultaneously empowering the younger generation.

The magazine feature sheds light on Black Sands Entertainment's remarkable journey, which includes a memorable appearance on ABC’s hit series Shark Tank. The company's participation in the show opened doors and presented opportunities for growth and expansion. Since then, Black Sands Entertainment has embraced the lessons learned and continued to evolve as a creative force in the industry.

Currently, Black Sands Entertainment is in the midst of its final public investment round on Wefunder, a crucial step towards bringing their highly anticipated anime series to life. This marks an exciting moment for fans, educators, and creatives to make a difference in Hollywood entertainment. By supporting Black Sands Entertainment, individuals can contribute to the creation of groundbreaking content that highlights the richness of African history and culture.

Through their engaging comic books and upcoming anime series, Black Sands Entertainment offers a refreshing and much-needed perspective in the world of entertainment. Their commitment to authenticity and historical accuracy ensures that their content resonates with audiences while providing a platform for Black voices to be heard.

Black Sands Entertainment's feature in Birmingham Christian Family Magazine is a testament to their growing influence and impact. As they embark on the final public investment round for their anime series, Black Sands Entertainment invites fans, artists, writers, and history enthusiasts to join them on this exciting journey in shaping a brighter future for representation in media.